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Thank you for applying for our high quality, cost effective health insurance plans. Your Security is of the utmost importance. Please, read our Information for clients about Protection of personal data according to EU General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679).
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IMPORTANT! If you need proof of Health Insurance for a visa or residency permit, be sure that the start date and end of coverage period you select, meet or exceed the full term and length of your visa or residency permit.

VZP for Foreigners is an exclusive health insurance service catering to a very unique foreign clientele. Therefore in order to provide the very best customer service, we transact your health insurance documents via Email, Post Office or DHL (at your expense) and in an effort to keep your insurance costs low, we do NOT maintain a physical full-time office in Prague. There are many VZP offices throughout the country. However, they do not offer this coverage for Foreigners. These offices only administrate Employer/Public VZP.

All documents are delivered via Email within 1-2 working days from receipt of your Credit Card or Bank Transfer Payment. Original documents such as your official certificate, payment invoice and ID cards are delivered by first class mail to the home or office address stated on your application form which should arrive within 2-3 working days. Pick-up service is available at our agent's office in Prague
BY APPOINTMENT ONLY within 24-48 hours by phoning +420.775 368 311